The activity exists of descending the canyon “Gorgol” which is one of the most beautiful in the Pyrenees. A true jewel suitable for everyone with jumps, slides and a abseil of approximately 16 meters.


Few places in the world offer the amount of canyons as in “Sierra de Guara”. Therefore it is considered the capital of european canyoning.


This descent through the gorge of Escarrilla is without doubt the easiest canyon we can do in the Tena Valley and surrounding area. We only need to be in shape a little bit and know how to swim.


The majority of the canyons are in this level and there is a great variety of characteristics (aquatics, steep descents with or without rope…).


At this level we offer the most delicate and technical descents. We need to have a good physical shape and it is required to have reasonable previous experience.


Recommended for people who are in good shape and have some previous experience. This is not due to its difficulty, but more because of its duration and intensity.