valle de Ordesa

The National Park “Ordesa y Monte Perdido” is a prime location for hiking.

G.R. 10

The long distance hiking-trail GR-10 runs along the north face of the Pyrenees from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean.

G.R. 11

The GR-11 is a hiking-trail across the Pyrenees on the south face of the spanish border. The trail links the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea.

Alta ruta pirenaica

The High Pyrenean Route starts from cape “Higer” on the Atlantic coast and crosses Baztan on the south side. The trail has a better balance between south and north face territories and does not avoid the summits.

senderismo Valle de Tena

By foot we’ll walk along the most beautiful paths in the area.

Valle de Tena

Full day of hiking in the Tena Valley.

Faja de las Flores

For the more experienced hikers we offer the most spectacular walking trails in the National Park “Ordesa”.