Combinación cueva del Moro y descenso del barranco Viandico

Combination of two exciting and spectacular activities suitable for everybody. Ideal for people without experience and families who want to enjoy a day in nature. It is a combination of canyoning and espeleologia which we do close to the national park “Ordesa”.

Ferrata Siala y descenso de Barranco

The combination of these two activities is perfect for those who have experience in descending canyons and climbing via ferratas.

Barranco de las Gloces

The combination of these two canyons is one of the most performed. It combines the beauty of the gorge of the canyon “Gloces” with the technical aspect of the canyon “del Furco”.

Barranco del Furco

The combination of these two activities is highly recommended for those who want to progress rapidly in both crayoning and via ferratas.

Barranco del Gorgol

This activity involves descending two different canyons on the same day. A perfect combination for groups that exist out of beginners and people who have already done some canyoning.

Barranco del Gorgol

This combination consists in two activities on the same day. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon.